Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hand Painted and Home Sewn Backpack

This is a backpack that I painted and sewed. The otherside is painted as well, but I don't have a photo and it's still packed away in a box from moving house. This backpack is very handy and is just over a A4 size so its perfect for carrying books. Its amazing the amount of stuff you can fit in there. I went for alot of random things, and I like it.

If you would like one of these custom made for you, feel free to email me jade.lavery @ (without the spaces)

Yasmyn Jane Portrait

This is a painting of my niece that I did. The face isn't the best, but I still Like it.

This is a photo of my niece last christmas, after when I did the painting of her. Her eyes aren't so bright blue and her lips aren't so red, but its just practice and learning for next time :) . This painting now lives in the kids room at my house (the Grandkids room at Mum and Dads house)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life on Canvas

This is a canvas I made a few years ago to represent my life at that time.

How to make your own:
1. Choose things to go onto your canvas and arange them.
2. Glue everything onto your canvas.
3. Make a mix of water and PVA glue (1:1) and cover everything in it, then in a layer of 1 ply toilet paper. (Note: you can just seperate the plys of the paper you have in your house). Use a brush covered in the PVA mixture to push the paper into all the little spot so that you can still see the details.
4. Repeat 2-3 times.
5. Give everything a coat of black paint. (possibly 2 depending on the coverage) After its dry, look at it from every angle to spot any hidden spots that didnt get painted.
6. get a sponge or a old rag (not tissues because they stick) and dab it in silver paint. Dab it on a spare piece of paper/plastic until theres almost none, then dab it onto your canvas. Keep going until every raised piece is covered, or your happy with it. (Note: having next to none on the sponge makes all the raised details visible on the canvas.)

I used a variaty of things on mine that I thoguht reflected me at the time. In the classroom I've set this up as an art activity to show communication on a piece of card rather then a cavas. This could be used for almost anything.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


My name is Jade Lolita and I've been thinking about doing this for a long time now and, thanks to inspiration from a friend, I finally did.
I'm hoping to make this about arts and crafts that I create or find. I would also like to share some photos with you, and I'd appreciate any comments.

I have heaps of stuff to post that I've already made and hopefully alot more to make and post in the future.