Saturday, July 3, 2010

My 21st!

This year was my 21st and I had a party at home....

This is the cake that Mum and I made together.... I made the cream puffs, the roses and the ribbons and mum put it all together...

This was my nephew, Zac, and I at nearly 2am... he tried to stay up as long as the rest of us but fell asleep 1/2 an hour before us...

We found some giant sparklers (nearly a metre long) and had some fun... After convincing my nephew that they were safe he touched he hot part seconds after it stopped burning and burnt himself....

These were some of the decorations I made for the 'chandelier and tiaras' theme...

This was the morning after and Mum and Dad gave me their present.... A LAPTOP!!! I've wanted one for soooo long....

And here it is... A nice new shiny red laptop...

This was the day of my actual birthday and Dad's at the pizza oven keeping it going like it had been all weekend...

And blowing out the candles on my second cake.... a freddo ice-cream cake :D

I had so much fun that whole week (as well as being a bit stressed before it)... and... I'm 21!

Birthday Cards

Last night I made a 'title' for a big photo frame I got for my birthday so that I can put some birthday pictures into it....
Then I was thinking about my nieces 6th birthday party this weekend and decided to use the same design for her birthday card...

And had some metallic stuff left so I did the envelope too....

Hopefully she like it :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dark Angels - Warhammer 40K

I paint my boyfriends Dark Angels army. I like some of them... others aren't as precise... but they're OK. the sword with the wings is the logo of the Dark Angels, hence why they're everywhere, and the numbers are the groups they belong to.

This last photo is a custom model I made from some extra bits and pieces. I used the upper body of a Dark Angel, and made his legs from polymer clay. I snipped off the end of the sword, as well as most of the arm, which belongs to a Ultramarine. The knife lying next to the Dark Angel was his weapon, but his last movement was slicing the Ultramarines hand, then he let go of the knife and it flew to its resting position. I ended up painting the base (blue in the photo) a slate colour as not to distract from the scene. I had fun making the blood from super glue and craft glue, before painting it.

Hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Angel Tote Bag

This was a bag I made about 2 years ago. I made it because I found some printed canvas type material at spotlight and it made me want to make one... so I did.

Its made of 2 rectangles and one long strip to make the width of the bag, and then some skinny strips for the handles. I embroidered "Angel" in the corner as it make part of my screen name. I added some little beads and things and later on I added some of my masses of badges.

Its a very handy bag, and a good size for books, pencil cases and notes. You could even make one with padding and a zip at the top as a laptop case. If you get a good print of fabric, its stylish enough to carry as your normal bag, and versatile enough to use as a reusable shopping bag that you can throw in the wash if something leaks.

Unfortunately this bag has been missing in action since I moved house... Ive still got boxes to unpack that I have no room for... and I have no idea what is in them... Hopefully my bag!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day at the Park

(a lady eating her lunch under two trees)

I spent a day at the park yesterday while my boyfriendwas at work and we had lunch together. I played DS, took some photos and drew some things on a scrapbook I got at officeworks thats just around the corner from the park. My boyfriends camera only tells you that its dying when its practically dead, which means i thought it was full of battery and its said it was dead onlya few minutes later. Alot of my photos were taken through the view finder, the old fassion way, because the screen turned off. Ill share some of my photos, I cant take photos of my drawings yet because the camera is still dead.

(a plant growing out of another tree)

(mens toilet sign)

(a couple of seagulls)

(a screw in a park bench)

(the lawn mower)

(my sandle)

I had a great day, had great food from MYO, but i got sunburnt... never go out to the park all day without sunscreen!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wrath of Fenrir - Mike's Face

I did the face painting of Mike (lead singer) of Wrath of Fenrir for their photoshoot.

This photo wasn't taken by me... it was taken by Tim Masih... and I have a Flicker link.

I didn't do the lines on Mike or the rest of the band... but I did paint his face. A grey-white base and black details on top. They had their first gig about 2 hours ago but unfortunately I couldn't be there but my boyfriend said they did really well. :)