Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dia De Los Muertos 2008

This was a mural I designed and painted for a friends Dia De Los Muertos party, complete with sequins.

I really like how it finished up with the candles surrounding the skull and the band at the bottom. The roses in the eye sockets were hard to try and get symmetrical, but the whole project was still fun.

This was a little guitar playing skeleton I painted for people to stick their heads through. While I still think the yellow surrounding him was a good colour choice, it sort of looks like a holy thing... which is still kind of kewl.

I had fun making these, I'm pretty sure the people at the party had fun with these, and hopefully you enjoy looking at them. :)

If you would like a mural custom made for your party, wall or event, feel free to email me at jade.lavery @ (without the spaces)

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