Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Angel Tote Bag

This was a bag I made about 2 years ago. I made it because I found some printed canvas type material at spotlight and it made me want to make one... so I did.

Its made of 2 rectangles and one long strip to make the width of the bag, and then some skinny strips for the handles. I embroidered "Angel" in the corner as it make part of my screen name. I added some little beads and things and later on I added some of my masses of badges.

Its a very handy bag, and a good size for books, pencil cases and notes. You could even make one with padding and a zip at the top as a laptop case. If you get a good print of fabric, its stylish enough to carry as your normal bag, and versatile enough to use as a reusable shopping bag that you can throw in the wash if something leaks.

Unfortunately this bag has been missing in action since I moved house... Ive still got boxes to unpack that I have no room for... and I have no idea what is in them... Hopefully my bag!

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