Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dark Angels - Warhammer 40K

I paint my boyfriends Dark Angels army. I like some of them... others aren't as precise... but they're OK. the sword with the wings is the logo of the Dark Angels, hence why they're everywhere, and the numbers are the groups they belong to.

This last photo is a custom model I made from some extra bits and pieces. I used the upper body of a Dark Angel, and made his legs from polymer clay. I snipped off the end of the sword, as well as most of the arm, which belongs to a Ultramarine. The knife lying next to the Dark Angel was his weapon, but his last movement was slicing the Ultramarines hand, then he let go of the knife and it flew to its resting position. I ended up painting the base (blue in the photo) a slate colour as not to distract from the scene. I had fun making the blood from super glue and craft glue, before painting it.

Hope you enjoy :)

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