Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day at the Park

(a lady eating her lunch under two trees)

I spent a day at the park yesterday while my boyfriendwas at work and we had lunch together. I played DS, took some photos and drew some things on a scrapbook I got at officeworks thats just around the corner from the park. My boyfriends camera only tells you that its dying when its practically dead, which means i thought it was full of battery and its said it was dead onlya few minutes later. Alot of my photos were taken through the view finder, the old fassion way, because the screen turned off. Ill share some of my photos, I cant take photos of my drawings yet because the camera is still dead.

(a plant growing out of another tree)

(mens toilet sign)

(a couple of seagulls)

(a screw in a park bench)

(the lawn mower)

(my sandle)

I had a great day, had great food from MYO, but i got sunburnt... never go out to the park all day without sunscreen!

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